Kristen Halloran is a recent graduate of Northeastern University, where she was the first student to graduate from the Digital Art (Animation) and Game Design program.

She has worked with animation, film, television and e-commerce companies, which has provided her with professional experience in areas such as production, animation and web design. She has earned three credits on IMDB.

Production Assistant - "Last Hours in Suburbia"
Game Artist - "Manchuria: War of Resources"
Props Assistant - "Sexting in Suburbia"
Production Intern - "Swan Princess Christmas"

Skills: 3D Modeling, animation, game design, photography, image editing and web design.

Programs: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, MS Word, Powerpoint, Windows & Mac OS.

Contact Info

Email: kristen[at]kristenhalloran.com

Skype: anetherealtwist

Phone: 508.410.7322

Kristen Halloran

Kristen Halloran

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